Saturday, 11 November 2017

Howick Historical Village

On the 2nd of November the Year 1 classes went on a trip to the Howick Historical Village to learn about how people lived in the past. 
We were able to do some great activities. 

This activity was about unpacking the trunk and we learnt about different things that people bought with them in their trunk when they came on the ship to New Zealand. 

We got to walk around the Village and explore all the different houses that people used to live in. We saw different types and were amazed at the different objects they had in their houses compared to what we have now. 

We stopped to enjoy our lunch before heading off to our next activities.

This activity was a favourite for many of the Room 9 children. We got to use a washboard, a dolly and a mangle to do the washing. We were surprised at how long it took!

We learnt how people did the ironing in the past when there was no electricity. The iron was very heavy and some of us had to use 2 hands!

We learnt how to make butter by hand. We all had a turn at mixing the milk and we got to taste test as well. Yummy!

All the children had a great time. What an awesome trip we had! 

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