Sunday, 11 June 2017

Arts Week

Last week at school we had art week so we spent a lot of time creating different kinds of art. 
We did some painting of Elmer and made him all different colours.

We did some weaving.
Look how hard we are concentrating!

We also made these cool bead creations for the first time. 
We had to put the tiny beads on a board and then Mrs Burge ironed them to make a cool piece of art. 

What a wonderful arts week we had! 
Well done to Room 9 for all their hard work last week. 


  1. Team 9 I Hope you enjoyed Art Weeks. Your beads look Amazing, But what part of Arts week did you enjoy the most?

  2. What a fantastic week of Arts we had! Such cool artwork! Everyone LOVED the iron on beads!
    Awesome job Room 9!
    From Mrs Burge


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